Bethel Census Area County Sheriff (Alaska)

The Bethel Census Area Sheriff Department acts as a law enforcement agency at the county level in Bethel Census Area, Alaska. Bethel Census Area Sheriffs protect the community and maintain public order by investigating crimes, making arrests, and helping courts prosecute criminals. The Sheriff Department maintains Bethel Census Area public records on all its arrests and investigations, including misdemeanor and felony charges. These records contain personal information about criminals and suspected criminals, including their complete criminal history, all arrests and jail bookings, and any incarcerations. These Bethel Census Area Sheriff Department records are an important source of Bethel Census Area background check information, and they list whether someone is on the Alaska sex offender registry. The county Sheriff Department may provide online access to their Bethel Census Area criminal records.

Bethel County Sheriff's Office Bethel AK PO Box 1388 99559 907-543-2047